Welcome to StefanRacing.com! 
Hi and welcome to my site, my name is Stefan and Iím a speedway rider. I live in Abbots Langley which is in Watford with my brother and my mum. Iím 19 years old and currently single.

Iíve been riding speedway since February where I took my first spin at Reading training track. Since then I have been to Martin Dugard and Dean Barkers training schools at Eastbourne. I have started riding second halves at Eastbourne and also in the Southern Track Riders club at Kings Lynn and Sittingbourne.

I have two sponsors my good friend Matthew and Bert Harkins. My thanks to them for all their help and the website etc. Take a look round my site and let me know what you think in the Forum and why not sign up. On the site Iíll try to keep you up to date with all my meetings and anything else that might concern me.

See ya later!

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